Voice Stress Analysts

Truth or lie, we verify.

American Polygraph and Voice Stress Association (APAVSA) code of ethics*

All people involved in detection of lies or truth  - whether they use polygraph or voice stress - should be bound by a code of ethics

As members of the American Polygraph and Voice Stress Association (A.P.A.V.S.A) we dedicate ourselves, individually and collectively to the following Code of Ethics.                    

  • To conduct ourselves at all times as professionals, places in a unique position of private and public trust;                    
  • To respect and protect both the dignity and the civil right of those with whom we have professional dealings;  
  • To maintain the highest standards of qualification, taking on no task for which we are not thoroughly prepared;           
  •   To devote ourselves to Truth.

*Internationally qualified and can test anywhere in the world        

*All Examiners are trained by the original software manufactures or their official representatives.