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Truth or lie, we verify.

Truth verification (lie detecting) services


Voice Stress Analysis is the 'new" Polygraph of choice to determined if someone is telling the truth or a lie .... 

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What is the difference between Voice Stress Analysis and a Polygraph?

Computer based Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) is the “new” Polygraph of choice for those wanting to use digital, state-of-the-art technology to verify whether someone is telling the truth or a lie.

We operate from Midrand into Johannesburg, Pretoria and Gauteng and beyond.

Voice Stress Analysis analyses “micro-tremors” in your voice using non-invasive (no electrodes attached) space-age technology to produce conclusive results in lie detection and truth verification.

Voice Stress Analysis differs from the over-exposed Polygraph in that it uses non-hostile techniques, in which there are no known counter measures to “beat” the test.

Voice Stress Analysis is safe to use and is not affected by drugs, alcohol, age health or pregnancy.

We can analyse both live, pre-recorded and telephonic interviews. Cold cases can also be resurrected.

This less invasive approach puts the subject at ease and leads to better testing.

Examiners are listed as members of APAVSA (USA & RSA). APAVSA members can test internationally as the course, Instructors and Software are approved all over the world.

Our legal software and the training we undergo is certified by Gary Baker, International Society of Stress Analyst, American Polygraph and Voice Stress Association (APAVSA), and ILETSB (USA).