Voice Stress Analysts

Truth or lie, we verify.

What is Voice Stress Analysis (VSA)?

Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) is a procedure used for detection of deception (lie detection) or truth verification; or to determine a person’s psychological stress profile. The non-verbal content of your voice carries, among other things, information about your physiological and psychological state. The technology has advantages over the standard polygraph you may be aware of.

Put simply, Voice Stress Analysis analyses “micro-tremors” in your voice. As one enters a state of stress the body moves into what is commonly known as the “Flight or Fight” mode. Blood flows away from your extremities toward the Central Nervous System (CNS) … this causes the muscles in your throat to tighten and the basic frequency of your voice lowers, away from the norm of 8 – 14 Hertz.

Actually, the voice is just the carrier of certain physiological reactions to psychological stimuli. The voice itself is not evaluated and any attempt to control the voice is a waste of energy. It simply does not work.

Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) records the  psycho-physiological stress responses that are present in the human voice when a person suffers psychological stress in response to a stimulus (e.g., a question), and the consequences of the person's answer may be dire

Why we use FVAS software to test with?           

  • FVAS is the only VSA which provides optional Voice Imaging Spectrograph for speaker identification and comparison  now, not sometime “in the future.” This   feature has been provided since 2002.              
  •   FVAS is the only VSA which provides AutoReport which compiles and writes the report in the background as the examination is conducted saving valuable time. This is not a new feature. It’s been incorporated in our software since 2002.                 
  • FVAS is the only VSA with our copyrighted 17 stress pattern quantification method. It sets the standard in stress chart interpretation. Our chart interpretation method was utilized in the successful and important USAF Research Laboratory Study which validated VSA as 100% accurate. It does not include the questionable “delayed stress reaction” theory which seems to invalidate other VSA approaches.              
  • FVAS is the only VSA with 16 different test protocols shown on-screen from the software dropdown menu. Examiners need only to add issue specific information prior to testing.              
  • FVAS is the only VSA featuring Streaming Voice Imaging displaying voice patterns instantly as the subject speaks saving valuable time.             
  • FVAS is the only VSA capable of displaying answer Time Antagonistic Response Aletheometer (TARA) patterns.
  • FVAS is the only VSA featuring charts displaying derived stress patterns, time-domain, questions / answers, location on recorded AM window, baseline, protocol, filter rate / mode and examination data.                           
  • FVAS is the only VSA which digitally records the entire examination, questions &  answers, to computer hard-drive permitting close observation of the subject. No keystrokes required to capture each answer as in competitors’    systems.              
  • FVAS is the only VSA which operates with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 10, XP, VISTA and earlier FVAS versions, which are still available, continue to work with MS9X through NT / 2000. Additionally, the software will install in desktops, laptops, netbooks and handheld computers.                           
  • The FVAS software is password protected which permits installation on multi-user laptops  while protecting the forensic credibility assessment applications program from unauthorized access.              
  • FVAS software is “government level” encrypted preventing software pirating, overwriting or changing of the applications program. Internet access is required for software registration by the licensed end user.              
  • Unlike our competitors, our developer is our primary Board Certified       Instructor, practicing VSA examiner for 40 years, practicing polygraph examiner for 30 years, and a certified examiner of Post Conviction Sex Offenders, conducting over 10,000 examinations.              
  • Unlike our competitors, our developer is a Court Qualified Expert in the field of forensic truth verification and legal investigations. He is a  Fellow and Life Member of the professional organizations; International Society of Stress Analysts and the American Polygraph and Voice Stress Association.

We are leaders and innovators in VSA and voice biometrics technology  development. FVAS is far superior to competitors’ outdated “truth  verification” systems.